Duvall, WA

Duvall, Washington is a prosperous rural city known for its community spirit, festivals and events, and family-friendly atmosphere, including outstanding public and private schools. Some of its events include a McCormick Park Easter egg hunt, an art festival, outdoor music, movies in the park, a holiday tree lighting, and an event called March of the Vegetables when the community gathers and hosts a parade celebrating the vegetables and art in Duvall.

Following the relocation of the Snoqualmie and other Native American tribes in the 1800s, the area now called Duvall was homesteaded by veterans of the Civil War, two of which were loggers named Francis and James Duvall, who arrived in 1871. This is where the city gets its name.

Today, Duvall is teeming with things to do. Locals are particularly fond of the selection of high-quality dining within the city limits and yet enjoy the proximity to the excitement and entertainment in nearby bigger cities like Seattle and Bellevue.


Part of what makes Duvall such a desirable place to live is its public school system, managed by the award-winning Riverview School district, which continually receives regional, state, and national recognition for its academic and athletic achievements.

Public schools within the city limits of Duvall include Eagle Rock k-5 Multi-age Program, Cherry Valley Elementary School, and Cedarcrest High School. Other schools in the district include Stillwater Elementary, Carnation Elementary, and Tolt Middle School.

The area’s private schools include Hillside Academy and Braithburn Academy.

Those in pursuit of higher education will find nearly three dozen colleges, universities, trade schools, and tech centers within 50 miles of Duvall, including the University of Washington Bothell Campus, Lake Washington Institute of Technology, Bellevue College, and Northwest University.

Homes for Sale in Duvall

The Climate

It rains a lot in Washington, and Duvall holds true to that reputation. Rainfall in the area is measured at 58 inches, far more than the national average of 38 inches, which lends itself nicely to the growing crops and farmlands the area is partly known for.

However, it doesn’t snow much. Duvall gets just under five inches compared to the nation’s average snowfall of nearly 28 inches. Altogether, there are about 183.6 days in a year when the precipitation in Duvall can be measured.

In January, low winter temperatures hover a tad over freezing at an average of 35 degrees.

The area does get plenty of sunshine, though; it’s sunny 154 days out of the year.

High July summer temperatures stay at an average of about 75 degrees – pleasantly warm without being uncomfortably hot.

Living in Duvall

The prosperous community of Duvall encompasses an area that measures 2.28 square miles and is home to just over 8,000 residents in King County’s 98019-zip code.

Among Duvall’s residents, the median household income is estimated at $172,402, more than twice the state’s median household income of $78,687.

Duvall is comprised of a successful combination of sprawling farms juxtaposed with modern new construction of picturesque neighborhoods. Homes in the community hold median values of an estimated $569,591, also considerably higher than the Washington median home value of $387,600.


It’s easy to catch a ride on the bus thanks to King County Metro, which provides service by way of two routes: route 224 and route 232.

There are several rideshare options available, such as vanpools, carpools, and a SchoolPool program, as well as Duvall’s Community Van Program, a pilot project to provide rides locally when standard bus service doesn’t fit the need.

Snoqualmie Valley Transportation, in cooperation with the Snoqualmie Tribe, the Mt. Si Senior Center, and King County Metro, offers door-to-door and fixed-route services.

For air travel, guests and residents most often rely on either the King County International Airport, 32 miles from town, or just 34 miles to the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.


When you cross the Snoqualmie River Bridge into Duvall, you enter a tranquil community rich in spirit, celebrated through a plethora of festivals, parades, and community events.

In addition to its friendly neighbors, the residents enjoy being part of a highly acclaimed, award-winning school district and a family-friendly environment that includes parks, restaurants, and other things to do.

When Washington is calling you home, and you’re envisioning a comfortable lifestyle in a beautiful rural setting, ask your real estate agent about living in Duvall.

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